62-67 Chevy 2 ARB kit

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Since you moved the springs inboard, and added some bigger tires, might as well add some chassis rigidity to your early Chevy 2. This kit requires welding to install the upper cross member. The upper cross member mounts the FRC billet bushing housings, and allows the CNC billet steel arms to pivot with the rear end housing. The new lower spring plates are available with 3-3/4" holes, or 9 1/2" holes for additional traction bar adjustment. The lower spring plates also have 5 adjustment holes for your shock placement as well. The spring plates have a removeable crossmember that installs between them to allow for the link arms to have a place to mount. This does 3 things, allows for the link arms to be long enough to accommodate longer shock travel, eliminates some welding, and to keep the ARB arms from hitting the bottom of the floor. 

-Upper weld-in cross member fully TIG welded

-Lower spring plates with cross member tab- These plates have 5 shock mounting positions, which aides in achieving the correct shock ride height. The shock can be mounted in the stock spot with either and eyelet, or a stem mount using our upper shock tab. The spring plates can be ordered with 1/2" holes or 3/4" holes for your traction bar.

-Lower cross member for the ARB link arms to be mounted to

-TIG welded ARB

-TIG welded ARB link arms with 4130 Rod Ends

-Mounting hardware