83-97 S10 Suspension Hop-up kit

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-Billet shocks mounts

-Billet steel ARB, 1.5" diameter tube, fully welded.

-Adjustable lower spring plates, these plates fit 3" and 3.25" diameter housings-8.8 Explorer is 3.25"

-Direct bolt-in, includes all hardware

-Welded shock cross-member with built-in ARB

-Bolt-in lower cross-member for arb links

-Welded ARB links

-Traction bar available in 3/4"or 1/2" bolts. Inquire for details

-FRC 10* bolt-on sliders (can be deleted from kit)

-100% USA Made

* Requires leaf springs, an existing traction bar kit( Smith/Cal-trac) and shocks. This kit can be done without the ARB if the customer desires, call or email for details.