Lower Spring Plates-Rear Shock location

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-3/4" or 1/2" bolt holes for traction bar location. 3/4" standard Cal-trac, and 1/2" Assassin bar.

-Billet shock mounts come in Short and Long- 1.75" or 2.75", measured from bolt centerline, to the shock mounting surface. 

-Tie-down hook standard.

-Top shock hole is in stock location, each hole after is .75" lower, making a total of 3" lower then stock for longer travel applications.

-When ordering, make sure to determine the bolt pattern- SRC, standard U-bolt, GM multi-leaf.

-Also available is a bolt-on clevis to rotate the shock orientation. available with 1/2" holes, or 9/16" holes. Width is large enough to accommodate poly bushings, or add 2 aluminum spacers to fit eyelet bearing.