Universal Leaf Spring mounting box

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This box is designed to have enough clearance to fit the rocker pivot inside. It can be mounted to round tube like a ladder bar system or trimmed flat to fit on square tube. 5 holes is the standard sizing. You can custom order less, please conatct me.Holes are spaced 3/4" apart. I would start ride height in the center hole. This means you can go up 1.5", or down 1.5". This will cover you for 26",28" and 30" tire heights. The center pin is 1" and uses a 5/8" to hold the spring inside the box. The rocker pivots have recessed bosses to allow for the bolts to sit flush. Cap screw Allens and 12 points are included as well as the proper reducer bushings to finish the assembly.

This assembly requires fab work and engineering to fit your application. It is not a bolt-on anything. Everything is included to complete the assembly except a spring. You will need to identify the spring style you have to verify which style pivot you will need. There are 2 common spring eyelets in service- standard style and berlin style. I have included a picture to show the difference. Last, you will need to know what the width of the bushing is in the front spring eyelet. Typically, Gm stuff is 2.75" while many Ford and Chrysler are 2.5". This doesn't mean yours is. Get a caliper and measure the width of the bushing in the front spring eyelet to verify. The tab width or stack-up height is critical to maintain the proper spacing. 

Don't hesitate to call or email me. Thanks! Remember, this assembly is built to order lead time is approx. 10 business days.