Through Bolt Housing Perches

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Through Bolt Spring Perches, or U-bolt eliminating housing spring perches. Perches are built from .250 PNO mild steel for the primary body, has a secondary inner body built from .125 PNO mild steel and DOM tube stubs TIG welded into place. 

Perches are measured by the distance from the spring to the face of the housing. You can also think about the height as the amount the perch will push the housing away from the leaf spring. Perches have 1/2" center pin locating holes. 

Perches are available in 3.0", 3.25" and 3.5".  Perch bolt pattern is the same as the standard lower spring plates available on the site as well. 

Perches are available in the following heights- 1.0", 2.0", 2.5". In-between sizes can be purchased as well, they are special order. 3.5" perches are only available in 2" and taller due to the bolt conflict against the axle tube.