Lower Spring Plates and Accesories.

Lower spring plates, or the bottom spring mount of the traction bar are available in many different options. 

-Front shock location available in standard 1/2" bolt hole or long offset billet.

-Rear shock location available in standard 1/2" bolt hole or long offset billet.

-Inboard shock location with long offset billet mount.

-Support gusset available in standard triangle gusset, crossmember style tab, or the ARB bushing housing mount style gusset. 

-There are 4 potential patterns for these plates. Smith Race Craft perches, standard 3-3.25" U-bolt style perches, 3.5" housing perches, and GM multi-leaf style perches. If you are unsure, feel free to email or call. 

-Traction bar bolt hole sizes available in 3/4" (standard Cal-Trac), or 1/2" bolt hole (standard Assassin bar). An existing Cal-trac system can be swapped for 1/2" traction bar holes by swapping the heim joint. A 4130 Teflon lined 3/4" x 1/2" heim joint is available in this section as well to adapt your existing traction bar.

-Standard shock spacers- CNC machined from 6061-t6 on a lathe. These spacers are a quick and easy solution to space the shock body away from the spring plate for proper shock clearance. .625", .750", and 1" long spacer available. These spacers are sold in pairs, include a grade 8 bolt, washers and ny-lok nuts. A thin NAS washer is included as well so the shock bearing doesn't dig into the aluminum.